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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Another Reminder

We have this little Miniature Pinscher named, Dexter.  Since he came to live with us, almost two years ago now, I have been reading up on the breed.  In one of the readings, someone commented that having a Min Pin is like having an eternal toddler.  How true.  This little package of energy on four legs is all of that and more.  In all honesty, he's a handful.  He is hard to house train, though the former owner must have had something in the bathroom for him, because that is where he most often decides to relieve himself.  He pees on everything, so you can't put anything new on the floor.  When company comes, their suitcases have to go directly upstairs where the bedroom door is then closed, so that he doesn't decide to 'claim' those.  When he goes for a walk, he barks for the first 20 minutes, straight, it seems, while the other two dogs just quietly take in the scenery.  When he eats, he doesn't stay at his bowl, he grabs a mouthful and then carries it to some other part of the house, drops it and eats the bits from there.  When he's finished, he leaves the remaining bits o the floor. ( Fortunately, the beagle mix is food obsessed so that she cleans up any excess).    He pees on pillows, for reasons that I can't explain.   We are mopping, wiping, or washing something all of the time because of him.  Keeping a house clean, is a more time consuming job post Dexter than it was pre-Dexter.  Having said all of that, he is also very loving, cute, funny, and I don't know, just plain sweet.  I just love him. 

I was talking to my daughter about it.  That there are more reasons to get rid of him than to keep him, but you just love him so much that you work with the negative and bask in the warmth of all of the cuteness of him. My daughter said, "I think that's how God is to us.  We screw up so much and complain, make mistakes, and aren't always as faithful as we should be, but He still loves us through it all, no matter what." 

I loved that.  God puts reminders of His unfailing love all around us, sometimes, in the most unexpected places.  Ours came in the shape of a little Min Pin named Dexter.